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  • 212 Mining (except Oil and Gas)
  • 21221 Iron Ore Mining
  • 212221 Bullion, gold, produced at the mine
  • 212221 Gold ore mining and/or beneficiating plants
  • 212221 Placer gold mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212222 Placer silver mining and/or beneficiating
  • 213 Support Activities for Mining
  • 21222 Gold Ore and Silver Ore Mining
  • 212221 Calaverite mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212221 Gold ores, concentrates, bullion, and/or precipitates mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212221 Sylvanite mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212222 Silver ores mining and/or beneficiating
  • 2122 Metal Ore Mining
  • 21223 Copper, Nickel, Lead, and Zinc Mining
  • 212221 Gold lode mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212221 Gold placer mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212221 Telluride (gold) mining and/or beneficiating
  • 2123 Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying
  • 21229 Other Metal Ore Mining
  • 212221 Gold ore mine site development for own account
  • 212221 Lode gold mining and/or beneficiating
  • 212222 Bullion, silver, produced at the mine

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 While the camera market is flooded with new camera models every year, it is also being depleted by obsolescence due to incompatibility with new software and hardware. It is also depleted by mere dislikes of older models and the accessories that come with them. Phone cameras alsoiminish the popularity of digital cameras. Some victims of obsolescence include multi-image lenses, fisheye lenses, macro and telephoto lenses, square-shaped filters, oversized and under-sized filters, fog and snow lenses, so on so forth.

 Interchangeability of accessories between the digital camera and certain models of expensive cameras, is rare. The digital camera’s lack of threads accounts for threaded accessories being almost exclusive monopolies of certain camera models. Some exciting photographs are taken using threaded accessories. Making the interchangeability problem more obvious is the fact that threads come in either metric or English.

 Notwithstanding the additional sophisticated features coming with new cameras, there are still missed capacities that one would like to have in the digital camera. Examples are documenting an event happening too far from the viewer, or a past time too dangerous for the viewer to come close to the subject.

 The additional new features that come with the later digital camera models include expensive electronics that need more protection. The entry of dust, moisture, and other contaminations into the lens area must be minimized in order to maintain the digital camera in an efficient working order. By engaging an embodiment of the digital camera lens guard and use extender to the digital camera and screwing in a camera filter, ample protection of the camera electronics is already provided.

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