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Writing a book on any subject was never in my mind from the beginning, not to mention a book about invention. Obstacles exist in every facet of writing, particularly in my case.

As I realistically found out, writing a book about invention needs a significant amount of precise understanding of the English language. English is not my native language forcing me to be more careful about the use of words to communicate and project my ideas to the readers including patent examiners, resulting in longer periods to finish a project. To boot, my study of the English language was limited to the high school level that English was taught in a foreign country.

This book is written to demonstrate how I, with very limited resources, am able to secure a real patent on the invention called Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender. The book is not designed to teach how to secure a patent on an invention. If anyone decides to follow and imitate the steps I described to secure the patent, he does it at his own risk and volition.

To achieve my goal of securing the patent in the most direct way, I skipped the sections and provisions of the Patent Laws that did not apply to my purpose. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and its implementations, in my opinion, are full of repetitious accounts of the same subjects in different locations. I only needed a clear understanding of a portion of the law to proceed to file the application that would result in the issuance of the patent.

The early major part of the book cites, in the exact words of the code, the provisions in the Patent Law that I followed. I used the Table of Contents of the Law as a road map to tightly keep me focused on the subject of filing an accurate application for the patent. The later parts of the book are where I explained and described the procedures that resulted in securing the patent.

As a reference, I used the invaluable “Patent It Yourself”, by Patent Attorney David Pressman, 16th Edition, from After securing the patent on Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender, I honestly think that would-be inventors should be wary about whom they entrust filing their applications for a patent.

As I found out, in my opinion, patentability of a product is not decided until an application has gone through the examination process. By then an enormous amount of money and time would have been spent on the application. DIYing an application for a patent is the way I would go through if I have to apply for one again.

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